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If there's one sentence that can define Clarissa's tenacity and drive it's "I know how to win"



It all started with a National health and fitness competition that she spotted in a magazine in 1999. Clarissa competed with over 17,000 women and pushed herself to the top, earning the title of co-Champion. It was this moment that triggered the non-stop push to succeed which makes her a consistent Top-Producer for the Roman Lopez Real Estate Team. 



After her success with the fitness competition, thousands reached out to her for help and advice. It was at this point when a celebrity health and fitness personality recruited her to be his VP of Marketing and Sales. 



Clarissa was a lead coach and fitness advisor for over 5 years, mentoring people at conferences, conventions, and appearing as a guest speaker for multiple TV and radio appearances. At the peak of her career, she realized that she wanted to continue her pursuit of leading and coaching people in helping them get what they want: the home of their dreams. 



A razor-sharp negotiator, Clarissa has won the trust of hundreds by the sheer will and desire to  help her Buyer's fulfill their dreams, all while never losing sight of her own dreams. 



2018 is a year full of promise and change for Clarissa and Roman. They will marry in October, combining their mega-powered real estate skills and continuing their dedication as leaders to everyone on their team. 


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